The inception of Iron Lily was a love project from the very start. I knew it had to be about more than just the clothes. It needed to mean something greater. Life has never come easy for me. For as long as I can remember, I have found solace in sports and going to the gym. It was where I could escape from the noise. It’s what kept me alive through some of my most difficult moments. Tennies on, headphones in my ears, music that I could get lost in, and a 135 lb barbell. That was all I needed, my therapy.

Life can be criticizing, judgmental, confusing, and everything else in between. Being active and working out is what developed the infrastructure of who I am. The iron and sweat provided me the outlet that I needed to deal with the shit that life can put in front of you. Iron Lily embodies this ideal. It gives substance and meaning to empower women to shape their strengths and allow the freedom to finally be true to ourselves. It's a reflection of our internal struggle and the beauty that can transpire from that.

As an Exercise Physiologist, I'm inspired by the female form. Each style and stitch has been constructed with every muscle and curve in mind. Each piece holds its own creative beginnings and has been designed to emphasize your own distinctive style while the high performance fabric wraps around the body to shift with you through every gritty workout and every grueling drop of sweat. You can choose how you make your own statement.

Putting activewear on a new platform, Iron Lily is creating a brand beyond the normal parameters. It's about helping women find their place. For women striving, struggling, and attempting to define and declare their uniqueness. To be free to become who you are meant to be. To WEAR IT STRONG.

Izzy Seely, Founder and CEO