First Installment of The Wear It Strong Series

September 29, 2016


Written by professional stunt woman PeiPei Alena Yuan

Artist of Movement

Being able to express myself through artistic movements is what has motivated me to stay active, fit, and maintain a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

I live to inspire women of all sizes & ages to stay active creatively as fitness is limitless.  Injuries, defeat, losses, and broken hearts have all been motivational factors that have fueled my inspiration and also paved the way for my fitness and life journey

I am a Movement Artist.  I have a passion for fusing styles,  flow and powerful aggressive accents from different arts.  Dance with Martial Arts, Yoga with Tai Chi with Kung Fu, top rocking with fight choreography.....The list goes on!

Through Gymnastics, Martial Arts and Dance, I have enjoyed exploring this Earth in creative and exhilarating ways, whether it be dancing with weapons like a Kunoichi,  diving off cliffs in Hawaii, shredding in powder, or dirt biking in the desert....I've always been drawn to the adrenaline rush of pushing my body and mind beyond its ability.

My Journey :

My Mother initially put me in gymnastics as a baby to help develop my motor skills.  She was concerned that I was not developing properly as I aged.  Little did she know, sending me to gymnastics at age 3 would unleash the Beast and give me the base I needed for all my future fitness endeavors.  As a young girl, I dabbled in ballet and jazz dance, but this was short lived as I was not comfortable wearing the point shoes that were required of me.  I started competing in Gymnastics at age 8 and a sudden knee injury halted any further progression.  While attending college in NYC, I made the decision to transgress from Gymnastics to being a Competitive Spring Board Diver.  At the same time, I was getting more involved in Martial Arts as a way of Self Defense.  My first Martial Art styles that I learned were Judo Aikido and Karate 

My fitness journey in NYC did not stop there.  In the streets of  NYC is where I started my journey as a B-girl. I was drawn to Break Dancing because it was a perfect fusion of my love for Dance, Music, Martial Arts, and Gymnastics.  It allowed a freestyle form of artistic expression and an unlimited style of creativity.  I was blessed to have traveled, taught, and  performed all over the world as a BGIRL.  I performed in front of thousands of kids hoping to inspire them to build confidence through Dance.  During that time, most kids in the area were often forced to lead a life that included drug abuse and gang tendencies and my hope was to show them that Dance was a way out of that.  I often still receive letters from kids who say that seeing me dance inspired them to also start dancing.  Something that will always mean the world to me.  

Moving to Los Angeles is where I started Snowboarding, Skateboarding, and continued my studies in Martial Arts.  This eventually lead to my career as a Stunt Woman. Being a stunt woman has allowed me to take everything that I have learned on my fitness journey and apply it in real time.  It has given me the opportunity to take my love for movement and artistic expression and utilize it on a daily basis.  I have learned that if you can find a job that you LOVE, you will always be Happy!

-PeiPei Alena Yuan


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