Organic Makeup and Personal Care Product Reviews

December 15, 2016

A few weeks back, we made a post regarding the chemicals and junk that can be found in common personal care and cosmetic products.  We received an immense amount of feedback including a ton of questions regarding alternative organic options. So we went out and purchased a bunch of different organic products and put them to the test.  The reviews are in!  Here is what we have to say....

100% PURE®

100% PURE® is a healthy and pure line of nourishing personal care items that are 100% natural and 100% cruelty-free.  All products are completely 100% free of artificial colors, artificial fragrances, synthetic chemical preservatives and all other toxins.  This brand was the first organic makeup brand that I tried out and to be honest I wasn't sure what to expect.  Well, let me just tell you that I have been blown away by all of their products.  My feedback is 100% POSITIVE and I highly recommend anyone to try their products.  I'm actually loving their products better than any household cosmetic brand. I'm hooked and fully OBSESSED!  

Products Tested:

Fruit Pigmented Pretty Naked Palette - This palette is a bit powdery when applied, but the color is very subtle and sexy.  The palette aims for more of a natural eye look.

BB Cream Shade 10 Luminous SPF 15 - OBSESSED

2nd Skin Concealer: Creme Olive Squalane + Fruit Pigments - OBSESSED

Cocoa Pigmented Bronzer - Cocoa - This bronzer adds a punch of color.  A little goes a long way with this one.  This bronzer has more of a deep color dimension to it rather than a highlighting effect.  If you are looking for some shimmer, I'd recommend adding a highlighter. 

Maracuja Mascara: Black Tea - OBSESSED - the wand on this mascara makes your eye lashes extremely full and separated looking.  

Multi-Vitamin + Antioxidants Ultra Riche PM Treatment - Very thick and rich PM cream that glides on the skin and hydrates well.  My skin has never looked better!

Lip Caramel: Red Velvet - Beautiful color.  Long lasting and durable. Stayed put through meals.



Vapour’s bold approach to crafting high-performance cosmetics includes only the purest, active ingredients from the earth—and nothing else. With the highest purity standards and an unwavering commitment to both sustainability and luxury, Vapour has reinvented organic beauty.  Vapour Beauty is another cosmetic line that will stay at the top of my list.  All of their products are beautifully crafted and colored.  They are fully cruelty-free products and their packaging is made from recycled materials and is printed with soy ink. 

Products Tested:

Elixir Lip Gloss - Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm a lip gloss junkie!  I have a serious issue with all things gloss.  This lip gloss is beautifully colored and has a thickness to it that certainly makes you lips look a little more VA-VA-VOOM!

Siren Lipstick (DESIRE and CHERE colors) - I'm obsessed with the color palette that Vapour utilizes.  The colors match your skin tone impeccably and simply amplify your natural beauty.  I'm typically not a huge lipstick person, but these lipsticks were just too beautiful.  The CHERE color has now become my everyday lip color.

Lux Organic Lip Conditioner - This product resembles that of an organic chapstick.  Comes in a cute little twist applicator that thoroughly nourishes your lips.

Aura Multi-Use Stain (CRAVE Color) - Initially when I saw the color, I wasn't sure I was going to like it on my skin tone.  It was definitely a color I would not have chosen myself.  However, after applying, it gave my skin a natural beautiful looking glow.  The common denominator with Vapour is the effortless beauty of the color palette they have chosen.  It accentuates your existing beauty rather than looking like you have a ton of makeup on.

Rescue Advanced Serum for Hands - This serum is an anti-aging hand serum.  When applied, it penetrated the skin immediately and left no oily residue.  I have gotten into the habit of applying this serum directly before bed.  It also has this gorgeous shimmer to it once applied. 



Honest Beauty stems from Jessica Alba's, The Honest Company. The product line is not fully organic, but offers the claims of being made without: aluminum, parabens, paraffins, talc, petrolatum, mineral oil or synthetic fragrances.  However, currently The Honest Company is under tough scrutiny as they are facing another lawsuit over allegations that it's not quite as honest as it claims to be.  A class action complaint was filed claiming Honest "deceptively marketed its popular consumer liquid laundry detergent, dish soap, multi-surface cleaner and other products" as not containing sodium lauryl sulfate, a foaming cleaning chemical.  When in fact, it did contain the foaming cleaning chemical, and a lot of it at that! The decision of the lawsuit has been undecided at this time, and there is no telling what this means for the cosmetic line.  Dabble at your own risk.

Products Tested:

Contour + Highlight Kit - At first I was unsure of whether or not I liked this kit.  The lighter contour color made my skin look dirty when applied.  It gave my skin the appearance as if I had walked through a cloud of dust.  I switched over to using the darker contour and I LOVE this color.  The highlight creme has to be applied with some attention.  It can make your face look very oily if too much is applied or in the wrong areas.  I have a love/hate relationship with this product

Truly Lush Mascara + Lash Primer - I straight up hated this product. The wand used is a very thin rubber applicator with almost non existent bristles that left the product extremely clumpy on my eyelashes.  Within a few hours, the mascara began to rub off and deposit in my under eye area giving me that look only girls doing the walk of shame can relate to.

Truly Kissable Lip Crayon - Again, I have a love/hate relationship with this product as well.  It applied nicely, displaying a beautiful color but as time wore on it began to collect at the corners of my mouth.  Not a fan of that!



ACURE is a family owned and operated company founded on sustainable principles to provide the highest quality natural and certified organic personal care that are cruelty free and free from gluten, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, preservatives, and artificial colors.  I stumbled across Acure when they first launched and their line consisted of 4-5 products.  I've watched the company grow and expand in a very short time and they never leave me disappointed.  I have been OBSESSED with their products from day one.  They are all extremely effective and the price point is much lower than the majority of the organic personal care products that I have seen on the market.  I could list out each product individually, but I have used them all and I'm in love with each and every one! Try them STAT!

Looking for more options?  Here are a couple online websites that carry a plethora of various organic lines for you to research and try.



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