Lemon Vinaigrette

August 23, 2016

When I’m not spending my time running Iron Lily, I thoroughly enjoy cooking.  Sometimes I think I should have been born a chef, as I have a real passion for food and not just in the yummy kind of way, but I appreciate the techniques and the processes that it takes to prepare certain dishes.  Cooking is a real art form and when everything is flowing synergistically in the kitchen, it can be quite a beautiful thing.  Over the years I have collected various recipes that tuned in well to my fitness and chaotic lifestyle.  Most of them I have adapted to fit better with my kitchen and how I cook, but nonetheless still quite delicious.  There is this mass misconception that to eat healthy the food has to be bland and boring, but it certainly does not!  Cooking with real ingredients and spices will leave your mouth watering and wanting more, I promise! 

My time is very limited these days, and I suffer from a multitude of food allergies, so my belly likes to keep things consistent and simple. I prefer recipes with a handful of whole ingredients and minimal prep time.  I’m going to share with you my recipe for a classic lemon vinaigrette.  I’m obsessed with citrus and anything lemon and how can you go wrong with a go-to vinaigrette!  For these hot summer days, this recipe is light and prep time is less than 10 minutes making this recipe in constant rotation.  It’s extremely versatile and can be used as a dressing, marinade, or sauce.  I prefer (and highly suggest) to make my own dressings and marinades as store bought dressings are made up of a whole lot of SHIT! Store bought versions are almost entirely made up of canola and soybean oil with chemically driven additives, buckets of sodium, and more crap on top of that!  The topic of vegetable oils warrants an entirely new post, but i’ll summarize.  Vegetable oils are highly processed using harsh processing agents, deodorizers, and caustic substances to extract the oil.  The harsh processing of the oil removes almost all of the essential Omega-3s leaving you with an oil of questionable quality.  The second big red flag with vegetable oils is the risk of the oil being rancid, which with such heavy processing agents being used, and the time that it sits on the grocery store shelf, rancidity is inevitable.  A rancid oil leaves the door open for a plethora of issues including the inducement of inflammation in the body and possible DNA mutation and degradation.  Inflammation throughout the body is the precursor to anything from arthritis to Parkinson’s disease.   SOOOO, what i’m trying to say is stay away from vegetable oils! The best cooking oils should always be olive oil and coconut oil.  This recipe calls for olive oil and is PALEO approved.  Try it out and let me know how you like it.  More recipes to come from Chef Izzy!




Classic Lemon Vinaigrette

Yields about 1 cup

(Ingredient amounts can be altered to increase or decrease the yield)


  • 3 Tbsp of fresh squeezed lime or lemon juice (I like to add a little extra to make it extra tangy)
  • 1/2 tsp of Dijon Mustard (optional)
  • 3/4 cups extra virgin olive oil
  • Sea sale and freshly ground pepper to taste


Combine all the ingredients except for the oil.  Add in the oil slowly while vigorously whisking.  You can also use a blender to help emulsify the vinaigrette.  Shake well before each use.

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